Jennie Burke - an untouchable pioneer

thermography from Austria to Australia

The international scientific community acknowledged Burke, and from 1994 to the present, she has been in heavy demand as a presenter at international scientific conferences and symposia.

During a European lecture tour for the Austrian Society of Oncology, Dr. Andreas Oberhofer introduced Burke to thermography, a device that measured body temperature variations and was used as an adjunct to the diagnosis of breast cancer. Dr. Oberhofer had used it in his practice for over a decade because it was non invasive and did not emit radiation.

The thermograph had the added advantage of being used to scan the entire body to check the overall health of the patient.
Jennie imported the first thermograph device into Australia and sought the expertise for its use from Dr. Friedrichson and Dr. Von Lennart of the German Society of Oncology, the specialist who had worked with the manufacturer of the device. Burke was particularly encouraged when she applied for and received TGA listing for the thermography machine.
The device was also FDA approved and its scientific basis was documented in thousands of scientific studies.

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